5 Best Date Night Ideas

5 Best Date Nights

While “Netflix and Chill” has become the go-to date for many people, going out and trying new experiences can also be fun. True, staying in and watching a movie is a convenient and cost-saving way to spend time with your special person and experience minimal hassles. But, getting out of the house provides an opportunity for the unexpected, meeting new people, experiencing new things, and making new memories.

Taking a quick look on Google, it’s easy to see that there are a variety of dating adventures you can go on with your special person. With so many great choices, it can be hard to choose which one.

We did some research and found 5 date night ideas to mix things up a bit and experience a new way to go out and connect with your date.  To help you choose, we gathered the important details you need to know as well as how long each experience is and how much they cost.

Continue below to read more about our 5 favorite date nights.

5 Fun Date Night Ideas

1. Dinner and A Movie

2. Axe Throwing

3. Wine and Paint

4. Trivia Night

5. Brews and Ukuleles

1. Dinner and A Movie

We had to include the classic date night. To shake things up a bit and keep it interesting, pick a movie neither of you know anything about. Don’t read the review or watch the trailers. Go see the movie first and hold off on talking about it until you are seated for dinner. This way you have time to think about what happened and come up with your own interpretations. It’s a surefire way to ensure you have a great conversation over a delicious meal.

For dinner, considering an average meal price of 16.99 per person with one alcoholic beverage each at $8.00 you are looking at around $60.00 for a dinner for 2, including tip.

For an evening movie, average ticket price currently is at $12.99 per person. According to the AMC website, a large popcorn deal with 2 drinks is $21.79. Total for a trip to movies is $47.77. Total date price is $107.77. If you enjoy going to the movies often, we suggest considering an AMC stubs membership where you can see 3 movies a week for about $20 a month. Other chains offer similar memberships as well.

Lastly, depending on the length of the movie and your dinner conversation, this can be a full night. For duration, we considered an average of 2 hours for the movie and 1 hour for the meal.

Movie Price- $47.77 

Dinner Price- $60.00 

Total = $107.77

A dinner and movie date night will entertain you and your loved one with 3 hours of entertainment for about $107.77.  


Axe Throwing

While throwing axes and drinking alcohol may initially sound like a questionable-and possibly lethal- combination, it has proven to be an exhilarating experience for many who have attended these events. At an axe throwing facility,such as Half Axe or Bad Axe Throwing, you are coached by an expert how to throw axes into a target. Are you and your date competitive? You can compete against each other and earn points based on where your axe lands on the target. Or, if you are just looking to chill, why not just have a couple drinks and throw axes for fun? They even have axe throwing leagues if you are looking for a regular night out.

At about 30 minutes, axe throwing is the shortest duration event on this list. The average price is about $25 per person. For this event, we considered 2 drinks per person at $10 each, including tip, for a total of $40.00.

Price- $50 

Drinks- $40.00

Total = $90.00

Axe throwing will provide you and your date 30 minutes of fun for about $90.00. 


Wine and Paint

Who hasn’t been to a wine and paint night yet? The basic premise here is that an event leader will guide you and your date step-by-step through completing a painting while enjoying some drinks with your friends. There a variety of wine and paint night businesses, such as Pinot’s Palette, Muse Paintbar and Yaymaker (formerly PaintNite). If you don’t mind getting a little messy and running the risk of putting your paint brush in your drink, this is a great choice.

Wine and paint events can vary in length from 2-3 hours, but most are in the 2 hour range. Using the average cost per drink at $10 and 2 drinks each, you are looking at $40. The typical cost of wine and paint events is about $45 per person.

Price- $90

Drinks- $40

Total- $130

To enjoy an evening of painting and drinking, you will have to shell out $130 for this fun, 2 hour experience. 


Trivia Night

Many restaurants and bars are now hosting trivia nights. These events typically organize participants by teams and you can earn points, money, drinks, and more. This is a fun date night for those who enjoy testing their knowledge and competing against others. Trivia night is a low-cost option that is offered at a variety of local venues and hosted by providers such as Geeks Who Drink and Stump! Trivia.

Trivia night has the potential to be the lowest cost experience for you and your date. Most experiences we researched had no cost to participate and lasted from 1 hour to 90 minutes. It is frowned upon to attend an event and not purchase items from the hosting venue. Your purchases help support the venue and lets them know they should keep offering trivia nights. Using the meal rate from above, you are looking at $60.00 for 2 meals, 1 drink each, and a tip.

Price-No charge but it is expected you will order food and drinks at the venue.

Food and Drinks- $60

Total = $60

For $60, you can have a little competitive fun with your favorite person for up to 90 minutes. 


Brewkulele - FAQ

Brews and Ukuleles

To throw our own hat into the ring, strum and sips are a new entry in the creative experiences market. What sets this event apart from other creative events is that you learn a song on the ukulele. What can be better than strumming some chords, having a couple drinks and connecting with your special person? Best of all, you don’t need to bring a ukulele or have any musical experience. Brewkulele is the exclusive provider of these events.

At $30 per person, you are looking at $60 for you and your date to attend the event. As brews and ukulele events are at breweries, restaurants, and coffee houses, it is expected that you will purchase an item to help support the venue. We considered 2 drinks for you and your date at $10 each for a total of $40. These events typically last around 2 hours.

Price- $60 

Drinks- $40

Total = $100

Sharing some quality time with your love, learning how to play a song on ukulele, and having a couple drinks will cost you about $100 for 2 hours of strumming fun. 


We hope you’ll give our date night suggestions a try. They are all worthy activities that will provide a fun, relaxing, and memorable experience for you and your special person.  See you next week!

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