Welcome To Our New Home!

Welcome to Our New Home!

A brand new house with a 2 car garage.

Here we are with the official roll out of our new Brewkulele website. We received a lot of compliments on our original website (thank you!). Unfortunately, we were having some challenges with our previous home, Wix. Wix provided simplicity on our original site but it was severely limited for setting up a blog and our events page.

This whole process had me thinking how a website is a lot like a home – each page is a room and what you can do on each page is an amenity. While Wix had nice neighbors and was in a good location, it wasn’t able to accommodate large get-togethers and the amenities were lacking.  

We really wanted to have the 2 car garage, the heated in-ground pool, the dishwasher and the washer and dryer and more room to entertain. After a couple months of searching the classifieds, navigating realtors, and attending a few open houses, we finally settled on a new home.

Now that all the boxes have been emptied (most of them, anyway!) we are all moved in and ready to have a housewarming party!


Welcome to our new home at WordPress!

A sign that says "welcome to our home" hangs on a wall.

Let us give you a tour of our new home. We’ve made a few updates and upgrades. Here are a few:

An old style typewriter with a piece of paper that states "blog".

A Brewkulele Blog

This is the one update we are most excited about! We have a lot of information we are looking forward to sharing with you and the blog will be the best way to share that.

To preview, some of what we’ll share will be news and updates and beyond, including articles, videos and more about  fun things to do in and around Massachusetts, exciting new venues to visit, and, of course, all things ukulele! Visit here

A man looks confused while looking at a map.

Events Page

Our new events page is here! We really like this. You can now search for events by location, calendar view, and even see where the venues are located on a map. Visit here
A bowl of popcorn with tickets and 3D glasses.


We’ve also simplified the ticketing process. All ticket purchases can now be completed through our events page. Payments will be accepted through Stripe. You don’t need a Stripe account to purchase a ticket. You can still pay with the bank card or credit card of your choice. Visit here

A man holding a piece of paper that states "about us".

About Us

Our about page has been updated with more information about Brewkulele and our story.  Watch the video of our first event ever! Visit page here.

A table with a ukulele and glass of beer on it while a person strums the ukulele in the background.


If you are a venue and interested in bringing the Brewkulele experience in, visit our new venue page here.

Take Off Your Shoes And Make Yourself At Home

The Brewkulele website will continue to be a work in progress. There are still a few pages we are working on adding and tinkering with other aspects as well. Please bear with us while we work to make brewkulele.com more delightful and as easy as possible for you to navigate.

A woman is relaxing on a chair while playing the ukulele.

Take your shoes off, grab your favorite beverage, and have a look around. Make yourself at home!


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